High-accuracy small 6-axis industrial robot arm

The Meca500 is a miniature six-axis robotic arm for industrial and laboratory automation. It is by far the most compact and accurate industrial robot. Indeed, the robot’s controller is embedded in its base and the manipulator combines precision machined aluminum links with harmonic drive gearheads and brushless DC motors.
This desktop robotic arm comes with intuitive programming and simulation software. Meca500 can be easily interfaced through an Ethernet connection and used with ROS.
1Q: What is the price of this robot?
1A: The Meca500 is more affordable than any other six-axis industrial robot with precision.
2Q: Is the robot arm available for purchase?
2A: Yes. We started shipping the Meca500 robot arm in July 2016. We’ve already delivered dozens of units to manufacturers in the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel, Australia and New Zealand.
3Q: Why does the robot twist when inserting/removing the pins?
3A: Mecademic used to offer a highly compact two-finger parallel gripper that is actuated by the robot’s sixth motor. With this gripper, the robot has only five DOFs and is best at manipulating axisymmetric objects. For example, it can insert a pin in any hole within the robot’s workspace. However, it cannot control the rotation of the pin about the pin’s axis of symmetry. That is why we developed a fully integrated electric gripper, in collaboration with Schunk. With this miniature gripper, you can manipulate any small object in space.
4Q: What is the repeatability of Meca500?
4A: It’s better than 5 micrometers ().
5Q: Can I have the robot in different colours?
5A: No. In fact, at present, everything but the body base and mechanical interface (flange) is anodized clear.

Date: November 29, 2017