Installing Our KUKA KR-350/1 Industrial Robot (Project Jeff)

– Project Jeff has been a long-standing demo here at The Geek Group. When we made the move from the Heavy Industries lab in Kalamazoo up to Grand Rapids, we had to take him out of service while we prepared his new home. Being so heavy, we had to cut out, dig down, and refill a large concrete slab that could handle the force of his full working weight! It took several months and lots of awesome sponsors (Rockford Construction, Diamond Concrete Sawing, Rust-Oleum, Consumers Concrete) donating their services, but now Project Jeff is finally up and running once again. He’s ready to have a new crop of people come learn how to program in the KUKA Robotics language. Are you going to be one of them?
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Date: November 29, 2017