Life Size Humanoid Robot Project – New 2017 Progress Update

This is the most substantial assembly of my Humanoid Robot shown to date, the Robots Head (clip at the end) and arms have not been added until I have completed the self balancing program.( it stops falling over !) . My first test of a DIY IMU/PID controller, ( based on an Arduino pro mini, and a Sparkfun IMU 9250 breakout board) can be seen also. This was placed almost arbitrarily midway at the top of the torso for initial testing . I will need quite a few more to create a useful matrix , as well as integration with other elements such as pressure sensors , a visual recognition systems, and some AI. I don’t post very often, as my normal business takes priority, so please be patient, happy robot building and kind regards to all my subscribers. If you haven’t already seen it check out the music video used to launch PATREON it’s called ‘ PEDALS’ by Jack Conte and you may just recognize the Robot !

Date: November 29, 2017
Category: Humanoid Robot