Polaris 9450 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner – Review

In this video I go over the Polaris 9450 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner. The Polaris 9450 is a slight step down from the 9550 Sport but nonetheless it is a solid choice for a robotic pool cleaner. I will touch on some of the features of the Polaris 9450 Sport that you are sure to like.
The first thing you will notice about this robotic cleaner is that it has an intelligent cleaning pattern which will leave your pool spotless. It features the ActivMotion Sensor which automatically controls the robot’s position at all times and prevents any hangups in corners and step areas. It is designed to clean the pool floors, walls and waterline.
The Polaris 9450 Sport features 4-wheel drive technology which gives the cleaner superior wall climbing ability. The scrub brushes on the front are well designed and it scrubs the pool surface very effectively removing dirt, algae and dust.
The cleaner also has a large debris opening and features Vortex Vacuum Technology giving the cleaner 25% more vacuuming power than similar robotic cleaners in it’s class. The canister is also very large and can hold a good amount of debris. It comes with a standard All-Purpose Leaf Canister which is great for leaves, debris and dirt. If your pool has a lot of fine dust and silt you may want to upgrade to the Ultra-Fine Sand and Silt Canister – part #R0535800. Here is the link:
One of the thing that makes the Polaris 9450 Sport unique is all of the out of water details that are put into this cleaner. It comes with a sturdy and functional transport and storage cart that is one of the best. It is very compact and light but doesn’t feel cheap. It holds the Control Panel, cleaner and cable with ease.
The Control Panel has a few less features than the 9550 Sport but it can still be programmed for a 7 day clean cycle and you can set the cleaner for a longer clean time by simply pressing the plus button. You can also shorten the clean time if you like. It is a very user friendly and highly functional control panel.
The Polaris 9450 Sport weighs only 16 lbs so it is a light weight cleaner and easy to lift and carry. The Lift System is also a great feature. With the push of a button the cleaner will climb the wall and wait for you to grab and lift it out. Even better as you are lifting the cleaner water is evacuated from the back of the cleaner. After a couple of seconds all the water is out and the cleaner can be easily lifted and placed onto the cart.
Here is a rundown on some more features of the Polaris 9450 Sport. It is a top loading cleaner and the Debris Canister simply slides right out. It comes with 60 feet of cable, more than enough for most pools and it is rated for pools 50 feet in length. It comes with a two year limited warranty and is one of the more reliable robotic cleaners in it’s class. It also is a really sharp looking machine.
It doesn’t come with a remote control, however if you are looking for a cleaner with that specific feature, the Polaris 9550 Sport comes with a superb motion control remote and a control panel with a few more features like a dirty canister indicator and the ability to choose the pools shape.
Overall the Polaris 9450 Sport is a top choice for a robotic pool cleaner. You can’t go wrong really if you decide to get this one.
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Date: November 29, 2017